This Austrian movie was directed by Umut Dag. The story is about 19-year-old girl accepts to marry a old-man as a second wife .Because of so-called "culture with family inheretence",after he died what are the things and emotional feelings are faced by the young lady .This film cleary shows the another face of the society. … Continue reading KUMA(kuma)-2012-Austrian

Mushrooming (seenelkalk)-2012-Estonian

This Estonian comedy film was directed by Toomas Hussar.The story is about a politician and his wife going into the woods to pick the mushrooms,unforttunately They got lost in the woods.At the same time an artist who joined with this couple just for lift get lost in the woods .At that the three of them … Continue reading Mushrooming (seenelkalk)-2012-Estonian

THE END (like someone in love)-2012-Japan/France

           This movie is directed by famous japanese director abbas Kiarostami .In this movie he narrated the story about three peoples,an old professor and young man who is working in garage and a girl who  is a student.Young man sincerely loves the girl,but the girl exactly dont know what she want … Continue reading THE END (like someone in love)-2012-Japan/France


This movie is based on true story.This indian movie was directed by Abhinav Shiv Tiwari.He has done an extraodinary job ,really heart-touching story.The story is about  11-year old napalese girl ,sold into some brothel gang by her aunt itself.The child prostitution that pulls no punches is compelling and heart-wrenching.This story is not about a single girl but … Continue reading OASS :THE NEW DROP (2012)

Amour (Love)-2012 film

 One of the most amazing film in the international film festival screening list  in 2012.An Austrian movie Amour (love) which is directed by Michael hanake  and the length of the movie is 127'.This  movie is  selected in most the world film festivals,especially in cannes film festival.The narration is about an elderly couple, Anne and Georges. Anne suffers a stroke which paralyses her on … Continue reading Amour (Love)-2012 film


Finally the 10th international film festival is started in chennai and the festival goes from 13-12-2012 to 20-12-2012.Approximately more than 160 movies from around 57 countries.The list of movies going go screen are, LIST OF SELECTED TAMIL FILMS FOR THE COMPETITION ARAVAN ARROHANAM ATTAKATHI MARINA MOUNAGURU MUPOZHUTHUM UN KARPANAYIL NAAN EE NEER PARAVAI PIZZA SATTAI … Continue reading 10th CHENNAI INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL