Amour (Love)-2012 film



One of the most amazing film in the international film festival screening list  in 2012.An Austrian movie Amour (love) which is directed by Michael hanake  and the length of the movie is 127′.This  movie is  selected in most the world film festivals,especially in cannes film festival.The narration is about an elderly couple, Anne and Georges. Anne suffers a stroke which paralyses her on one side of her body. George taking care of anne with the help of nurse.One day, Georges sits next to Anne’s bedside after she has been screaming out, apparently in pain. He tells her a story and once the story ends, he grabs the pillow on the bed and smothers Anne with it.Each and every scene is poetic and lovable and emotional.There is lot to learn about caring and loving the others through this movie.One of best movie i have ever seen.

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