Oscar 2013

The 85th year Oscar academy awards ceremony for the films of 2012 was held in Dolby theater,los Angeles,united states on 25th feb 2013.Tough its 85th year,the oscar guy looks amazing.lots of nominees and lots of expectations especially movies like lincoln,life of pie,amour,argo,les miserables,silver linings playbook ,Hobbit etc. Life of pi won the 4 oscars(highest). Argo … Continue reading Oscar 2013

Where Do We Go Now? -2011

This film is directed by Lebanese director Nadine Labaki.The story is about a remote village which has no any communicational facilities like media except their common village TV and radio .The village has equal number of muslims and christians people in it and they are living like neighbours. what happens when men are get misunderstanding … Continue reading Where Do We Go Now? -2011