Where Do We Go Now? -2011


This film is directed by Lebanese director Nadine Labaki.The story is about a remote village which has no any communicational facilities like media except their common village TV and radio .The village has equal number of muslims and christians people in it and they are living like neighbours. what happens when men are get misunderstanding and getting into violence to each other on the basis of their religion identification and how all womens joined together and what they will do to solve this problem and make a peaceful village is the rest of the story.The director also acted as one of the lead role nammed as amal.we can also say that the women could be the good decision maker and they can do anything.This type of movie is important to our society forever.
Background score and songs are simply superb (though it is in foreign language).perfect casting and totaly film is amazing.This would be one of my favourite movie list.

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