Paradesi (Nomad)-2013 film

Paradesi - 00 - Art


This film is directed by “Bala” (in Tamil language) ,one of most wanted director in Indian cinema.One of most wonderful movie from Indian cinema to the world cinema in this century.The story is about paupers those who are living in a small village in the madras presidency at the time of British period in India in 1930s. Due to seeking of proper job for proper living nothing but basic needs like food,cloths and shelter they are planned to go work in some other place.A sadist businessman asking them to travel along with him and he will give the job in the tea estate which is long long away (that took 48 days to reach there by walk).what happens to them once they joined as a destitute person and like servitude of all family members is the rest of the (sad)story.Really heart touching story which might be true.This the example of how the peoples from 1930s and before in India who survived for the proper living.Everyone should watch this movie.Amazing cinematography and extra-ordinay music scores.superb casting.The lead role rasa (adharva),Angamma (Vedhicka),Maragadham (Dhansika) have done wonderful job.Finally the movie ends with crying of the souls and for the souls.


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