Kai Po Che!(Hindi)-2013

The Indian-hindi movie named ‘Kai po che’ (“I have cut the kite” ) is directed by Abhishek kapoor in 2013.This movie is based on the novel ‘the 3 mistakes of my life ‘ by chetan baghat.The main reason for me to watch this movie is chetan baghat, he is the author of best selling novels,

five point someone(2004),
one night @ the call center(2005),
the 3 mistakes of my life (2008),
two states (2009),
revolution 2020 (2011),
what young india wants (2012)….

according to the ‘the newyork times’ in 2008,chetan baghat is the biggest selling English language novelist in India’s history.

so much of curiosity of his novels especially when it is turning into movie.Though the taste of movie is less spicy than the novel taste,the movie is really superb and really well in cast selection past and we have to thank the director because of his outstanding work in screenplay and he didnt cross the border and gave his best recipe.Because it is not an easy task of making a movie based on the novel and should not spoil the novel’s originality.


The story is about three friends together opening the cricket shop and their aim is to develop that shop to national level sports club and they working toward that.out of the three protagonist (ishaan bhatt,govind patel,Omkar Shastri),ishaan is the expert in cricket in his town and he gives training to those who have passion in cricket.
In his team, he came to know that a local boy named ali (muslim boy) has the talent in cricketing so ishaan starts giving training training him vigorously meanwhile the ishaan’s sister named vidhya fell in love with govind meanwhile there is a big hindu-muslim problem is going on in national wide.so wat happen their aim and their love and local boy Ali’s future between the hindu-muslim problem is the rest of the story.

This movie will be in one of my favourite list.

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