5 Sundarikal(5 Beautiful Women)-malayalam-2013

In early Indian cinema,there were the literature's contributions in it.so we could expect quality of narration and views will be wider and broader in cinema.But later decades we entirely changed the track that we didn't get such quality didn't get the cinema from us.still we travelling in the same track but it is not healthy … Continue reading 5 Sundarikal(5 Beautiful Women)-malayalam-2013

little thing called love (First Love)-2010

Each and every one will have their first crush,first love,infatuation.....when we try to recall those days,surely there will be atleast 1 minute of silent will occupy us. It is a Thai romantic comedy film directed by Puttipong and released in 2010.It is also rated one of the best romantic movie in thai cinema.The story is … Continue reading little thing called love (First Love)-2010