little thing called love (First Love)-2010

Each and every one will have their first crush,first love,infatuation…..when we try to recall those days,surely there will be atleast 1 minute of silent will occupy us.
It is a Thai romantic comedy film directed by Puttipong and released
in 2010.It is also rated one of the best romantic movie in thai
cinema.The story is about young people who first experience their
love .
The plot is about a young school girl (Nam)secretly attracted
to her school senior(p’shone) who is very handsome and very popular among girls in nam’s three friends helping her with the reference of the book ‘Nine Recipes of Love’ to win p’shone’s heart.
But p’shone’s childhood friend loves nam and whether the book helped her to get p’shone in the triangle love is rest of the story.Because of this move i have became fan of thai movies.
Really awesome movies and very romantic and
emotional.Those who have memories about their first love and about
their school life will like the movie a lot. Those who haven’t will
feel that you missed the precious days.





A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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