movies with new colours

………im happy that we are celebrating “100 years of Indian cinema”.Though we didn’t travelled in healthy manner when compared to Korean and Iranian, Chinese,Taiwan,German and Russian movies in which some countries are started film industry 20-30 years after we started ours,we did achieved some heights.

i remember an old saying“the only grammar should follow while film-making is should not follow any grammar”,it is a golden word.More than 2 decades of Indian cinema ,we had the same kind of dish and except few film-maker everyone did the same thing like

“……….hero from poor family with honest attitude and against the rich villain and the twist villain has the beautiful daughter and she is good in she loves hero and finally hero beats the villain and we can see some twist is that villain is her uncle or he killed hero’s father and mom wants revenge and his son fulfils that and in some films villains only duty is that he try rape heroine and magically hero appears at that spot don’t know how he got and all”…………this above concept successfully travelled more than 2 generations and as a result people believes that “this is the cinema” and this is the reason if anyone tries a new concept that will be flop in past decades …………………..

we release an average of 1000 movies per year but only 5-7% of the movies nominated and getting awards in international platform,whereas 60% of Iranian and Korean films getting nominated and bags the awards.







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Im really happy that nowadays we are producing quality movies and that competes with other world movies like valakku enn 18/9 by balaji sakthivel won the best foreign film among other countries in Asia and so on.This is due to producers should give a chance to new creative concepts and allows the new and modern creators.

Lucia the crowd funded movie directed by pawan kumar won the best movie award in many film festivals and still nominating and screening in many film festivals.A movie moodar koodam directed by naveen shows and creates the good platform for new comers and creators.This year we nominated the good road by gyan correa for oscar and not only that few other movies also listed but they didn’t make ,the movies are bombay talkies by anurag kashyap and celluloid  by kamal and viswaroopam  by kamal hassan and so on.

similarly some of the movie like soodhu kavvum by nalan kumarasamay,thanga meengal by ram,6 by v.z.durai,onayum aatukuttiyum by myshkin,555 by sasi,akam by shalini usha nair,amen by lijo jose pellissery,pizza by Karthik Subbaraj,attakathi by pa.ranjith,Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom by Balaji Tharaneetharan,honey bee by ean Paul Lal,anju sundarikal by Amal Neerad, Aashiq Abu, Anwar Rasheed, Sameer Thahir, usthad hotel by Anwar Rasheed, Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara by gokul and haridas by G. N. R. Kumaravelan are rocks in modern cinema and rocks the technical aspects and so on.These movies are pillars for the next generation of indian cinema(please forgive if i miss any good one) and give the new colour tone for the Indian cinema.

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