Dance of the Dragon (2008)



This is the basic line of this movie.I have no idea about this movie, but after  seen this ,this will be one of my favorite  Korean movie list.This movie is  to those who have fear to dream beyond the limit and to those who gives up easily on their dreams.


I always like the way of  storytelling  by the Korean cinemas.This movie is directed by     John Radel, Max Mannix .The story is about a country boy discovers his dream in ballroom dancing but his  father (shoemaker)wants him to study well and should be successful man in his life.

vlcsnap-2014-01-31-20h56m38s59 vlcsnap-2014-01-31-20h56m05s237

When a boy becomes a man how he tries to fulfill his dream is the rest of the story.Each and every character in this movie is well handled and emotional ,like his father  don’t want his son to live a poor life like him so he always boosting him  and whatever the boy do ,his mother always standing his side and she played perfect mother and housewife. the movie length is 100 mins really worth it.The background score is fantastic.The cinematography and the sound-score  lifts this movie to the next level.This kind of movie makes me relax and calm.

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