The Book Thief (2013)


Throughout the movie  I can hear the  sound “write” and  I can smell  about reading.

“Another  story of German ,that explains about German people and  most common word “survival” , each and every movie explains  how the common people became  nomad and  orphan and slaves to because the reason of one man’s hungry.  When I  see the war movies or documentaries , I realize  the value of my freedom and my life. This  I am not saying or pointing on a single country.its just like animals  killing other animal to their existence. But  I hope we the “so-called” human or humankind  is not meant for this, I remember an old saying that we are playing happily on the graveyard of  people who just wanted to live the ordinary lives just like we do.  Its been more than 70 years   ,but still the people who have faced the war and the experienced the word-called survival or who been the witnessed for human hunting or  killing or we can say licensed to kill even though they are not part of it or deserve it, can’t forget the pain  so they still explaining  or sharing  or showcasing their pains to us in various medias. But  we didn’t learn anything from that even our grandparents  faced it and now our brothers and sisters facing it in the neighbor country but we never give any reaction until it comes to us.”   

This  is an American German war film based on the novel by the same name. We  the people almost forgot  word  book reading and  how many of you heard  a story from your grand parents or from your parents or how many of you ready to telling the stories to your children or to your grandchildren, no we are not ready………. “I can hear you, yes  you are right we don’t have any time. I’m earning  hundreds of dollar per day so why should I waste my time by telling story or hearing story..what to do we are  just pretending  like we are normal but we are not….so we shouldn’t expect the normal things to us (here normal means peaceful)…reading book is like  someone who telling the story is asking to see his lifestyle through his/her window and that time knowingly or unknowingly you become the witness of that lifestyle      and the only honor you could do to him/her is that just you tell to others what you saw  or like from that person’s life  as a story or book.

This  kind of  sharing only  I  listened  through “movie”. In this  film the story is about a beautiful and wise and brave teen girl  and  the peoples who are joined together  to help her to make the memorable  life and  peaceful life. The kind hearted father  helping  her to see the world in her own sight and treating like prince ss in their own  world, so he often call her “your majesty” and he getting the reward  by calling him as  “papa” with smiley. This  film explains  not every German people hates Jews infact they did sacrifices  for the jews or we can say simply helping tendency……..There is a line  by the princess (leisel) “ we cared because we been a people and tats what people do”….what a mature thought. The another reason i’m requesting you read the books  or novels or literature or just a story,so that we could make the quality movie and  we could give the best things  to our next generation just like  Im saying about father’s lifestyle and his society and his world to my children and for that you should  about your parents and read them and you will get the knowledge as you read the 100  quality books……This is just my way of telling that this  movie is good….

Making  the novel into the movie is not an easy work  and Brian Percival ,director of this movie handled very well….and leisel (brave girl) did  wonderful job. So much maturity in acting … will be one of  my favorite movie  list.

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