Are we a wanderer?!

I used to describe myself in the social networks like am traveler ,open minded and so-called wanderer,at-least for other’s sake i want to fill my bio with fantasy words (or can rephrase like i supposed to use the common words which people will use very often).
The question is “are we really a wanderer or just pretedning to be?”,
We are not ready to spend time with our loved ones (including pets) or We are not ready to welcome the neighbour who shifted recently or we simply
we will plan for the weekend plans (as a wanderer) though our relatives are came
avoiding the relatives who about to visit our home by saying “we have a weekend plans”.

Sometimes am really confused about the day-day lifestyle, we chatting with our friends through social network app in hours but not giving proper response to our parents or grandparents,yet we are saying  we are in globalization or living as one network through technology.We almost forgot that technology used to comunicate or being closer to another man.But Nowadays we are mainting distance relationship because of technology.
if you are asking me “What on earth am talking about?”,YES this what am taking about.
We will not keep our promises which we gave to our kids which might be weekend game station playing together or playing in park with them or telling some bedtime stories.
Only thing we are good at is disappointing our loved-ones.
Lets prepare mentally a wanderer by bonding with our family members by taking long walk with loved-ones if they prefer or can prefer long drive:) or
giving the hope that we always there for our family members by attending parents meeting/school cultural events/or being friendly with our kids friends or atleast should know their besties,
or one gentle smile from heart to the neighbour or can offer some our used cloths to our servants or maids.
Lets fill the people’s heart who we meet day-to-day life with sweet/kind memories about us.Then we can prepare ourselves to travel outside from home to call ourselves as WANDERER!!!



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