cold eyes (2013)




Though it is the remake of Hong kong movie  eye in the sky,the director Jo Ui-seok Kim Byung-seo  handled very well and got lots of awards and screened in many filmfestivals. The film is about Korean cops from the surveillance team controls the  robbing organization.

The story begins with Ha Yoon-joo got the job in  Korean Police Forces Special Crime Department that specializes in surveillance through her first surveillance assignment working with her mentor, sol kyung-gu .Meanwhile ,well trained crime group robs the bank under the surveillance of the gang leader, Jung woo-sung. While Korean Police Forces Special Crime Department investigating the first case, the second theft happened by the same team .Finally how the Ha Yoon-joo and his chief along with Korean cops controlled the crime team is rest of the story.

We framed script and superb editing that too this kind of surveillance based story, editing the backbone. In Korean films I like the way of handling the light effects and the cinematography, it’s like perfect combination of lighting and  capturing the frame.

In this movie the main role is newly assigned cop girl and her mentor and the gang leader. Ha Yoon-joo  ha s done amazing performance and she got the best actress award   and  the sol kyung-gu did the role of mid aged man with job perfection and  realistic behavior with the leading skills and totally perfect characterization. The gang leader simply threatened by his performance, each and every step he is planning and executes with his presence of mind.

Not only for those who are the fan of crime stories , I recommend this to all .Really worth of watching. scene-by-scene the speed of the movie increases.

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